Court and Machine Rental

Volleyball Court and Machine Rental
AirCat Volleyball Machine

At Big Shots Sports Training we offer state of the art equipment to suit your volleyball needs.  Get more touches in a 27-minute session at Big Shots than you would during your team practices or home gyms.  We have one regulation size indoor volleyball court that is accessible to individuals, small groups, and teams to use. Our net adjusts from 72"-98".

The Big Shots Difference

We offer the AirCat volleyball machine which can deliver up to 1,200 consistent ball tosses per hour.  The AirCat machine can be adjusted for a wide array of drills for hitting, setting, digging, tipping, serve receive, blocking, passing, and floater serves.   The machine holds up to 10 balls at a time that can be reloaded for continuous play, or for individual training, AirCat has a remote to start and stop training.  Big Shots Training provides tailored skill training for our volleyball athletes through the use of consistent and repetitive training drills.