Turf and Machine Rentals

Big Shots Sports Training Wall Ball.JPG

At Big Shots Sports Training we offer state of the art equipment to suit your lacrosse needs.  Get more touches in a 27-minute session at Big Shots than you would during your team practices or home gyms.  We have four designated 42’x24 lacrosse cages that are accessible to individual, small groups, and teams to use. We also offer larger spaces upon request and availability. In addition to our lacrosse cages, we also have a 20ft Wall Ball area where players can come in and get in their reps in no matter the weather outside!

Jugs Lacrosse Machine

LAX Jug Machine.JPG

We offer the Jugs Lacrosse Machine with 24 ball feeder attachment and three delivery heights while delivering the ball up to 60 mph.  The Jugs machine has a 360˚ swivel design and vertical adjustment which allows for balls to be thrown in different directions for drills without moving the machine.  Work on offensive, defensive, and goalie skills such as shooting on the goal, dodging and moving with the ball, holds, footwork, body position, and checks.