Machine rental offerings

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We offer Dr. Dish Pro Basketball Shooting Machines that are designed to give you up to 1,500 touches on the ball in an hour time through customized workouts.

Features of the Dr. Dish Pro:

  • Shooting and catching from the free throw, 2-Point, 3-Point and power launch positions
  • Shoot from 19 different spots at all lengths
  • Programmable workouts with customizable tempo and balls per location
  • Workout goals to push practice and basketball drills to a new level
  • Large LCD Interface displays real-time stats by location such as display time, amount of shots taken, shots made, and shooting percentage
  • Post-workout analytics via Bluetooth connectivity with your iPhone and the all new Dr. Dish app.
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We offer the AirCat volleyball machine which can deliver up to 1,200 consistent ball tosses per hour.  The AirCat machine can be adjusted for a wide array of drills for hitting, setting, digging, tipping, serve receive, blocking, passing, and floater serves.   The machine holds up to 10 balls at a time that can be reloaded for continuous play, or for individual training, AirCat has a remote to start and stop training.  Big Shots Training provides tailored skill training for our volleyball athletes through the use of consistent and repetitive training drills.

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jugs lacrosse machine

We offer the Jugs Lacrosse Machine with 24 ball feeder attachment and three delivery heights while delivering the ball up to 60 mph.  The Jugs machine has a 360˚ swivel design and vertical adjustment which allows for balls to be thrown in different directions for drills without moving the machine.  Work on offensive, defensive, and goalie skills such as shooting on the goal, dodging and moving with the ball, holds, footwork, body position, and checks.