Dr. Dish Pro

  • Communicates with your iPhone and  the all new Dr. Dish app.
  • Intensity Tracker by Polar – Tracks heart rate to push game speed practice.
  • Large LCD Interface displays real-time stats by location.
  • Workout goals to push practice and basketball drills to a new level.

Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machines are the high tech shooting machines of today's game! No other shooting machine on the market offers a Smart Phone app, Heart Rate Tracker and the ability to move the machine away from the basket to deliver post entry passes. Visit the Dr. Dish Youtube page for more videos.

These are great shooting drills to get players moving and incorporates passing, dribbling, layups, shooting on the move, and conditioning. 

Many coaches believe that basketball shooting machines are only for off-season training and don't use them often during practice. However, using the Dr. Dish enhances your basketball shooting drills in practice and allows any program to get up more shots in less time. This frees up more time to spend on your game-plan!

To implement all 30 Drills in practices and off-season training, download the Dr. Dish Drill Book now!