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Party Referee - We are looking for fun, energetic, and outgoing individuals who enjoy working with people (especially children) to facilitate games and activities at Big Shots Sports Training parties! As a Party Referee you will be there to ensure that all party guests are engaged and playing fairly, explain how to play games the Big Shots way to party guests, make sure everything runs smoothly for the party and most importantly that our party guests have FUN.

Trainer - We are always looking for qualified trainers and coaches who have experience working with young athletes, ages 3 and up, and with a range of ability levels in order to help our clients GET THEIR GAME ON and further their love of sports! We offer classes, camps, clinics, and 1:1 training sessions for volleyball, basketball, strength + agility, and soccer.

Hospitality - At Big Shots Sports Training, our team is dedicated to great customer service with friendly and approachable staff. We are looking for outgoing, personable, and responsible problem solvers with the ability to think on their feet to be Hospitality workers at Big Shots. They will become familiar with MINDBODY (point of sale system), make sure our facility is set up for bookings, help maintain the facility's cleanliness, be knowledgeable of all Big Shots programs, and develop growing relationships with customers. 

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